Terms & conditions of service

Please take time to read the terms & conditions, then decide if you agree or not.

General conditions - Section A
A1. All data/conversations such as pricing and design (sourcecode & sample) between the client and Lion Studios is strictly confidential.
A2. Lions Studios reserves their right to not accept any requests of design/uploads.
A3. All design that is produced from Lion Studios is owned by Lion Studios until further notice of sale or changes regarding license for ownership.
A4. Lion Studios does'nt take responsibility of personal data/files/images or scripts.
A5. All data maintained/created/ or produced by Lion Studios needs to be GDPR compliant.
A6. If any condition in section A,B,C or D is broken Lion Studios has the right to void/delete/stop or restrict all the usage of all services.
A7. Refunds are allowed if issue is on Lion Studios side or if Lion Studios does'nt fulfill the agreement/order.
A8. The mandatory deposit (€100) can't be refunded under any circumstances after it's paid.
A9. If client causes any damages or issues for Lion Studios the client is liable for any additional costs that harms Lion Studios.
A10. If we don't agree and a 3rd party is invited to solve the issue and ordered by the client. The cost of that lands on the client.
A11. Lion Studios reserves the right to make any changes in this or any other agreement at any time they wish.
A12. We DO NOT accept any illeagal/pornographic/violence or drug related content at any time. If the client is uploading this kind of content the account wil be suspended and later on removed and section A8.A9 and B7 as well as C3 will be taken into practice and termination is mandatory.
A13. If you want to upload explicit content an initial agreement with Lion Studios must been done before this stage or when any agreement such as a contract is signed.

Financial conditions - Section B
B1. All payments is handled by PayPal & MC-Autodatas.
B2. If invoice is sent an additional charge might occur and is paid by the client.
B3. If a credit is needed and approved to finish a order a interest rating shall be taken in total of +20% and due date shall only be pushed maximum 12 months ahead. Also an administration fee of €15 is taken for any credit. This can only be accepted for Swedish citizens.
B4. If credit lasts less then 15 days (14 days and below
) no extra fees except the fee mentioned in "B2" will be charged.
B5. A client can request full ownership of the website & content for a fee of minimum 3x - 5,5x the annual cost of the website (actual agreement/prduction cost and annual subscription pricing with Lion Studios will be used for calculation) after at least 12 months of subscribing. If the client wants to he/she can request an "early purchase right" for an additional charge/fee of €150 minimum or 10% of the total value.
B6. Lion Studios owns all data or digital property until full payment is received.
B7. Refunds cannot be claimed after 14 Days of the orderdate or after the sample is uploaded for review. A fee of 20% of the order value is charged after 7 days.
B8. If an invoice is overdue additional fees such as "Dröjsmålsränta" according to Swedish law and a fee of
€10 will land on the client (Invoicing fee of €3 will be added aswell). If this invoice is not paid in time (14 days) the project and the account will be terminated/restricted and condition A8 is taken into action.
B9. All claims of refund must be done within 30 days from the actual payment and if a full/partial refund has been granted Lion Studios reserves in it's full discretion to complete the transactions within 60 days.

User & Client data/Personal information - Section C
C1. All stored information about clients of Lion Studios is well secured. The client can request what information Lion Studios stores about him / her.
C2. If cookies and other tracking scripts is used on the clients webplatform the client of Lion Studios is responible for the security of the data.
C3. After a client closes their account at Lion Studios, we reserve the right to save that information for up to 6 months with the purpose of potential future business/leagal matters. The client has the right at all time to request to know what information we have stored.
C4. All clients are responsible for the usage/content on their own website/platforms at any times.

C5. Lion Studios reserves the right to file a police report if any law aswel as local law is broken. If the value of the crime matches with 6 months of prison or more Lion Studios reserves also the right to deliver any personal client data such as IP adress and similar data.

Contracting - Section D
D1. After the client selects "publish" in their personal account and fullfills the request the client can only change to a cheaper or upgrade to a better subscription if the active one is cancelled. Due to this the ownership pricing can't be any lower but can be updated to a higher one.
D2. All subscriptions are binding under their time as public/live or active.
D3. A contract must be signed (by the client) before any sample can be made / produced due to legal matters.
D4. Any hacking / unauthorized editing / unauthorized downloading or any of the nature that violates this or any of the conditions above will lead to immediate ban or termination of account & project without any refund at all.

Subletting & licensing - Section E
E1. As a subletter you reserve your right according to the sharehold you have as 5%,10%,25% or 49%. The share is only available for as long as the license/shares are paid for or until the contract is due on a monthly basis.
E2. The subletter does'nt have full rights of the app or project until a 100% share is bought from Lion Studios with permission of the current owner.
E3. Lion Studios charges a 20% fee on all sales and income.
E4. Lion Studios can deny any payouts if invoices are over dued until full payment is done.
E5. Lion Studios can deny this sharing service at any time for any reason.
E6. The shares only regards the app not the full project itself until the user paid for full ownership.
E7. As a subletter a deposit of €35 is mandatory before registration as the cost of €25 to create the account.
E8. If the subletter does'nt pay the monthly bill the contract will be terminated and the current shares will be restored to the former owner.
E9. As in "E6" only up to 49% can be shared before full ownership is paid for or partial shares up to 49%.
E10. Lion Studios can if needed share necessary contact information between the share holders if needed.
E11. If a dispute turns out Lion Studios reserves the right to step in and take what ever actions needed.
E12. The fees/costs or deposit as mentioned in "E7" can't and won't be refunded (supported by "A8").

Next step is to place the deposit. This deposit will later on be discounted on your next bill.

I've read the terms and conditions andI agree & accept. I want to deposit €100 to create an account for a new project
I agree & accept. I want to deposit €35 + pay the €25 to create an account for subletting apps